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  1. Finger Size:
    *It is strongly recommended that you have your finger size measured by a local jeweler. *Ordering a half size larger is recommended if being sized by a jeweler, because the sizing tool jewelers use is not as thick or as wide as the actual ring product, possibly making the ring fit tighter than smaller sized rings, and it is always better to have the ring too large rather than too small.
  2. Color of "USA" stones on ring face/bezel.(check one)
  3. Name - The way it is to appear on the right shank above the design.
    Space limit 10 (example: STIGGINS)
  4. Induction Year - Goes below the design on the right shank of the ring.
    Space limit 4 (example: 2004)
  5. Information below the design on the left shank of ring(check one)
  6. Name - The way it is to appear on the inside of the ring.
    Example of engraved Name: CHUCK STIGGINS
  7. Check one
    Price: TBD
*Please Call 801-337-3688 to determine current prices and shipping/insurance costs